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Principles of lawn care, landscape and irrigation


Almost every human being prefers to have a good looking area around their house.  The good-looking yard requires you to know the basics on the establishment of the yard.  Therefore you will be required to clear the weeds around your house.  This is therefore possible by the use of chemicals that are used to kill weeds without destroying the desired grass or plant.  Unwanted plant growths are then removed immediately they start to grow.  Proper timing of the growth of weeds and immediate control is very useful.  A well spaced grass results into a good looking yard due to uniform growth.  This can be done through loosening of the soil particles when the soil is wet and easier to penetrate.   Addition of water to the soil during the summer is very necessary.  Pouring of water on the yard should be done twice on weekly basis.  An individual may choose to use standard sprinklers to water their lawn.  One can also decide to use a better improved method that does not require manual operation but can work on their own. 


Irrigation should be done early in the morning before the sun gets hot.  You have to use fertilizers to provide your grass with the nutrients it requires. These fertilizers, however, should be read keenly to know how they are supposed to be used and their timing.  Mowing discs are used in land preparation therefore make sure you choose the best.  During the dry seasons the land should be mowed deeply for long grass.  Shallow cuts are the best for short grasses.  During mowing make sure you don't expose the roots to avoid damaging them which results into patches that then lead to weed growth.  Most property owners have gone a mileage to consider the look of their houses.  In addition to the attraction of many buyers the owner will also feel good to own such a compound.  You have to keep the edges of your desired landscape clean.  You can decide to cut the lines on the edges to make them clear and remove any weed along the lines.  Patterns may appear more attractive, and individuals may prefer them instead.  A lawn may differ in size and the location.  Most individuals may prefer the lawn at the back of the house while others may like it at the front area while others prefer the whole house being surrounded by the beautiful look. See More Here!


If you are out there and you admire a good yard around your compound you can then use the above guidelines to help you acquire a good looking landscape.  It is very important to keep in mind that maintenance of the lawn is the key factor. See More Now!